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Biomechanical Assessment with Computerised Gait Analysis

In this appointment the therapist will go through a comprehensive assessment of your lifestyle, your sporting and occupational history together with a postural evaluation and a very specific Computerised Gait Analysis. The Computerised Gait Analysis is to identify any dysfunctional movement patterns which may be at the source of your injury or may be hindering your performance.
This will give the practitioner an accurate picture of how your body moves and work. This to allow a more accurate choice of therapeutic interventions which may vary from soft tissue work to core rehabilitation or indeed both.

Price:  £55 - with written report £65

Functional Analysis

This is an ideal follow up to the Gait assessment .
in this appointment the practitioner will go through a series of muscle balance and dynamic tests to identify unique strengths and weaknesses. The tests are developed to be specific to individual sports, activity and lifestyle. Where appropriate the practitioner will advice on changes in lifestyle and routines and refer to appropriate therapeutic interventions.

Price: 45 min £45 - with written report £55

Gait analysis with Functional Analysis

Price: £85- with written report £100