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Anna Maria Mazzieri - Sports & Remedial Massage Practitioner MISRM CHNC Reg. Clinical Director and Senior Lecturer.

Soft Tissue Therapist MISRM CHNC Reg. Director of The Massage Clinic and The Massage Training School

Since the very day I qualified in Massage Therapy in 2002 I joined the Exmouth Chiropractic Clinic, complementing the existing team of Chiropractors and  rehabilitation instructors lead by Marc Martineau by offering integrated Massage based treatments for muscular-skeletal injuries. This environment advanced my clinical knowledge on joint and movement assessment and demonstrated the benefits of proactive collaboration between related disciplines in achieving real long term positive results for clients. This experience was influential in determining both my business and teaching ethos which is underpinned by the drive to achieve real integrated professional practice where focus is put on Health and not disease where we provide evidence based treatments where applicable, and certainly outcome based practice and where the client is at the centre of its own rehabilitation process. As a result of sustained organic growth, in 2008 I expanded this concept of integrated health care by establishing The Massage Clinic  a centre where clients are looked after by a multidisciplinary team in a modern and professional environment.

My approach takes into consideration the complete picture of the human form, its anatomical structure, its function, movement potential as well as the psycho social element which influences pain and outcomes . Treatments aims ultimately to encourage pain free and fluid movement for improving qualifty of life. I use a different varyety of approaches on and off the massage table including massage, fascial work, manual techniques, assisted stretching integrated with movement re education. My interventions are fundamentally based on the Anatomy Trains concepts of Fascial continuity and extensively use their fascial techniques methodology as a soft tissue manual intervention  followed by movement retraining based on the concepts of Gary Ward and his Flow Motion Model expressed in Anatomy in Motion

I love Rugby and The Massage Clinic support with my skills our local rugby club Withycombe RFC, I am however also passionate about cycling and work extensively with local cycling clubs and local athletes such as  David Hill Team GB Paratriathlon and James Stewart Team GB Age Group Duathlon. I have a particular interest in cycling biomechanics and also hold regular cyle fitting clinics in conjunctions with Cyclesymmetry our in house cyclefit trained bike fitter.

I have been using my skills  to help the industry attain the highest possible quality and professional clinical training which is why I established The Massage Training Schools in Devon and Bristol, where I am the course director and senior lecturer. As testimony to the schools’ standards, they are two of only a handful organisations in the UK accredited by the ISRM to deliver the BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Clinical Sports & Remedial Massage which is recognised by many as the industry benchmark for professional training in Massage Therapy.

We are active in building strategically beneficial relationships both in and outside the immediate remedial massage industry. We have been successful in creating valuable networking and learning opportunities for professionals from a variety of fields in the region, such as osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists via a programme of advanced CPD courses, most of which are taught by world leaders in the field, which provide inspirational learning forums for sharing experience and skills, bridging differences, to ultimately promote best practice and unlock new knowledge.